Prime Prebiotic Fiber - Unflavored

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Gauge Life’s Prime Prebiotic Fiber is a flavorless dietary supplement powder that is an all-natural, plant-based, gluten-free product that supports digestive health. The average person gets less than 10g of fiber per day where it is recommended to aim over 25g per day for optimal health. This number goes up with you are dealing with hormone imbalances or high cholesterol. This supplement provides over 10g of fiber per serving while supporting good bacteria for the digestive system. It is advised to add to smoothies, beverages, or sauces. This is a MUST have if you struggle to hit your fiber intake needs for optimal health.

 What are the benefits of Prebiotic Fiber supplementation?

  • Normalizes bowel function by increasing stool weight, volume, and softness
  • Supports the detoxification of excess estrogens
  • Slows down the rate at which foods increase blood sugar
  • Accelerates the rate of food fermentation which prevents constipation
  • Supplements daily fiber intake requirements
  • Naturally lowers cholesterol levels
  • Aids in achieving a healthy weight