About Gauge Life

Gauge Life Nutrition Supplements are products that people can ACTUALLY trust. I've been in the supplement industry for a decade and I NEEDED to create a product of of my own that truly embodies my standards for quality, my knowledge for what people REALLY need, and what they DO NOT need. The world doesn't need another shiny label filled with the same exact garbage they can already find on the market. Pure, clean, natural products with minimal ingredients are becoming harder and harder to come by. You can't just walk into a store and find a protein that doesn't have artificial flavors, sweeteners, and fillers cleverly renamed something else to keep the public ignorant. Just like Gauge Girl Training standards for nutrition science education, we are applying those same exact principles to the dietary supplement industry and will be calling out all the BS and helping the public make INFORMED choices. 
Benefits of Gauge Life Supplements
Protein supplementation is a common struggle for my clients and myself as well. The amount of real food one needs can be overwhelming for those who lead a busy lifestyle. Protein supplementation is a convenient and more economical way to hit your protein macros. The Gauge Life Nutrition supplement line is about giving you everything you NEED and leaving out everything you DON'T. If you are going to invest in a protein supplement, it should be a protein supplement. You can always add fats and carbs to your protein powder from real food, protein powders that aren't low in carbs and fats don't really HELP when you need that strategic boost to hit your macro goals for the day. Our proteins are at the highest possible protein percentage and we have scientifically formulated our products with the minimal ingredients to give you what you need without overwhelming you with added carbs.