Mochachino Chia Pudding

Mochachino Chia Pudding Recipe

This Mochacino Chia Pudding packs 25g of plant based protein and only 2 net carbs!!
Enjoy this gluten free, dairy free, and soy free delight when you want to hit your protein goals without going over your carbs.

1 scoop @gaugelifesupps Vegan Protein in Coffee Bean Flavor
1 oz Chia Seeds
8 oz Unsweetened Almond Milk

      1.    Add all ingredients to a 16oz ball mason jar and seal tightly.
      2.    Shake rigorously for 60 seconds.
      3.    Refrigerate overnight.
      4.    Consume direct from the jar or pour into another dish of your choice and top with coconut whipped cream (optional).

Serving Size- 1
Calories- 271 cal
Fat- 15.3g
Total Carbs- 12.5g
Dietary Fiber- 10.1g
Net Carbs- 2.4g
Protein- 25g