Top 4 Reasons To Hire A Nutritionist

By Christine Hronec


Before you decide to go about your health goals alone for the millionth time, it's time to highly consider the benefits of hiring a nutritionist. If you are constantly trying the latest diet craze, are overwhelmed by information overload on the internet, and just can't stay accountable to yourself, it's time to seriously reevaluate your goals and get focused by working with a nutrition coach. In this article we review the top 4 reasons to work with a personal nutritionist for your health goals.


1.) Information Overload- The number one reason you want to consider working with nutrition coach is the overload of information available on the internet. This would lead you to think you can do it all on your own since all the information is so accessible…think again. One article will tell you to eat all the fat, the next thing will tell you to eat all the carbs, the next thing will tell you to only eat celery. The beauty of working with a nutrition coach is they can help you sift through all the noise and help you apply nutrition science to your specific situation. You will have someone to listen, to ask you targeted questions, and to help get to the root of your health concerns. So before you arbitrarily jump on the keto, vegan, paleo, fasting band wagon, stop and consult with a pro to determine if it is ACTUALLY the best thing for your goals and where you are at in your life. You can’t build a build a personal nutrition plan around what your favorite influence is eating. They may have a different bod type, different starting body fat percentage, and the list goes on and on. 


2.) Personal Accountability- The next reason you want to work with the nutrition coach is the fact that you can focus on real accountability. By setting and keeping meetings with your coach you know that you have to actually talk to someone about your progress or lack there of. You can’t go longer than a few days without a check-in to keep things dialed in. If you know that I’m going to call you on the phone and ask you about your compliance your macros this week and what's been going on you are going to be 90% more likely to actually stick to it. It’s crucial to take measurements and progress photos and to review them on a weekly basis if you have a time sensitive measurable goal in mind. You may come to your coach with goals that are completely unrealistic like losing 25lbs in a month, this is where your coach will talk you into reality and explain what is possible, what rate of progress will make the most sense for you, and what that will translate into in real life. Having someone to layout the roadmap and the expectations of what your journey will really look like you will find that your goals are no longer lofty dreams but achievable metrics with milestones along the way. 


3.) Maintain Motivation- The average person can stick to a nutrition plan for about a week before they give into life, boredom, social pressures, or general lack of self control. Unfortunately, 7 days is not long enough to make substantial changes to your physique and as a result you will need a way to stay motivated far beyond 7 days. Having a coach will keep you motivated to see this through in the long haul. Too many people put an overwhelming amount of pressure on themselves to keep themselves motivated. While you do need to want it for yourself and do need to be driven, the problem is that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Far too many people are being drained by their jobs, kids, partners, and just life in general. Not too many people invest in a level of self care where people are pouring energy, encouragement, and motivating works into themselves. At the end of the day, you are your most important investment and if you are not okay, nothing else is okay. Personal health is your most valued asset and you get back what you put into it. Take some burden off your plate and shoulders and have someone help you through it instead of trying to muscle through it all alone. 


4.) Personalized Eating Plan- Last but not least, having a nutrition coach to create a personalized eating plan is probably one of the best parts of the whole experience. You get to go through your dietary restrictions your food preferences, your eating style, your need for convenience or variety, and laying it all out for you in an easy to follow format to ensure your success. Some coaches will only give you a set of macros but other coaches are will actually give you a personalized menu. It’s so crucial to have things that are tailored to your needs. You may have food intolerance, you may have hormone health issues, you may be plant based, you may be trying to conceive, you may be an athlete, you may need family friendly meals, and so on, this is precisely why having a plan built to your needs makes such a huge difference. Having a personalized eating plan just makes life so much easier because you can ensure that if you like your coffee a certain way that's built into your daily macros and you don't have to worry and stress about whether or not its okay to keep having it. The assurance you receive from being on a personalized meal plan is key to getting results instead of constantly doubting whether or not your plan that you pieced together from a hodge podge of Internet info will actually work. 


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